“Fingers Of Light” From Rogue R1 Beam Energize DJ Booth At Miami’s Ivy Nightclub

Step inside Miami Beach’s Ivy Nightclub and it’s easy to see why people are calling this new hotspot a “celebration of world class DJ-ing.” A sleek custom designed DJ booth rivets attention in the main room of this glitzy two-story club. Sitting in the midst of well-appointed VIP tables, the booth leaves no doubt that Ivy is serious about providing its A-list guests with an immersive entertainment experience. Emphasizing this point even further is a lightshow that focuses the searing power of CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue R1 Beams on the DJ booth and its occupants, a group of performers that typically includes internationally acclaimed stars like LA Riots, Diddy, and French Montana.

“Fingers Of Light” From Rogue R1 Beam Energize DJ Booth At Miami’s Ivy Nightclub

“Everything about the lighting design was created with the idea of drawing attention to the DJ booth,” said LD Michael Callahan of Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) in Miami. “Our goal was to make this booth pop, and the Rogues were indispensable in helping us achieve it. We used the beams from the Rogues to create fingers of light pointing to the DJ booth.”

James Reed, the president of AVLI, described how the design process at Ivy unfolded. “Our client purchased a former club and did a complete remodel, removing stairs and things like that to create Ivy,” he said. “Since South Beach is a very competitive club market, our client wanted a design that would really stand out and give Ivy an instant identity with club goers. We’ve done successful projects for this client in the past, so we were called in. Working with the client, we developed the concept for creating a very close connection between the DJs and guests using a powerful lightshow.”

Reed and Callahan used 10 Rogue R1 Beams to create this immersive design. The Rogue fixtures were arranged on two custom made circular truss structures.  One of the structures, a fixed truss positioned 21-feet over the DJ booth, holds six of the Rogue R1 Beams. The other truss, which holds four of the fixtures, is motorized and is typically positioned 18’ over the dance floor.

“Having the Rogues arranged in the circular patterns really allows us to create some intense focal points in and around the DJ booth and on the dance floor,” said Callahan. “The beams are so intense; they literally bounce off the surfaces of the floor and tables.”

Callahan notes that the linear prism capability of the Rogue R1 Beam helped create the intense focus of light that has captivated club goers at Ivy. “The linear prism was my favorite thing about Rogue; it allows us to do so much more,” he said. “We have the ability to focus the beam down on any point in the room.”

What made the Rogue R1 Beam’s performance even more impressive was its affordable price, adds Reed. “Budget is always a factor with all clients when opening an entertainment venue,” he said. “We hand selected fixtures that we knew would wow the club patrons, yet still make sense from a budgetary point of view.”

For his part, Callahan says that the Rogue R1 Beam was “an easy choice” over higher priced alternatives. “I like the Rogue’s 2R lamp over the 4R lamps because it has a longer 10,000 hour life, but still gives us all the punch we need.”

Also adding power, punch and value to the lighting design at Ivy are 28 Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC moving wash fixtures from CHAUVET DJ. Extremely fast and bright with seven 20-watt RGBW LEDs, these fixtures are mounted on custom truss pods located throughout the room.

“We have four truss pods, each with seven Intimidators mounted on it,” said Callahan. “We use this design to create an awesome kaleidoscope effect throughout the whole club. Plus when the situation calls for it, we can turn the pods into one huge spotlight.”

Reed and Callahan also used COLORdash Par-Quad 7 par style fixtures to light the Ivy on the walls around the mezzanine of the club. “The lighting design works in every area of the club to enhance the customer’s experience,” said Reed. “It lends colors and sophistication to some areas and focuses excitement on the DJ booth and dance floor. In the end it all works together to contribute to the success of our client.”