Tamer Beverage Co. Mixers/Chasers

Tamer Beverage Co

Tamer Beverage Co. produces Tequila Tamer Mixer/Chaser and Vodka Tamer Mixer/Chaser in 32 ounce and 64 ounce bottles. Inspired by Mexican tradition, Tequila Tamer is a unique, Sangrita-like chaser that makes it easy for anyone to handle the bold taste of Tequila. For Vodka, there is new Vodka Tamer, a delicious mixer made with cranberry, tangerine and lime juice. Both Tequila Tamer and Vodka Tamer are a rich source of antioxidants, provide 100% of daily Vitamin C, prevent dehydration and help you feel great the next day! Free samples at booth 303!