Strahl Beverageware

Strahl beverageware incorporates the elegance of design only seen in glass or crystal. Manufactured Strahlfrom FDA-approved high-clarity polycarbonate, one of the toughest plastic materials, Strahl products are virtually unbreakable, which eliminates exposure to broken glass, resulting in reduced liability for busy commercial settings. Strahl is desirable for hard-surfaced floors and outdoor venues.

Besides being commercial dishwasher safe, Strahl products are produced incorporating a three-step post-mold process, which enhances their luxurious appearance and increases the products’ life span to minimize cracking or crazing, thus reducing reorder frequency.

Strahl products have thin rims, which provide a pleasant feel, thereby enhancing the drinking experience. The polycarbonate material aids insulation, which allows the products to be chilled and remain colder than glassmade products.

Money spent on Strahl products will outweigh and equate to value instead of repeated dollars spent on replacing broken glass due to breakage or other less-performing plastics.