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March 29, 2011


At the Bar With...
H. Joseph Ehrmann and His Elixir of Success 
H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir in San Francisco's story reads like a Frank Capra film screenplay -- truths are faced, adversity overcome and conviction is evident. The result is a well-run bar that knows what it is and welcomes everyone.
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Ops for Profit
A Six-pack of Money-making Ideas 
Six no-cost money-making ideas to drive dollars and profits at your bar.
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Staffing for Success
Managers, Don't Make Your Bartenders Cringe!  
Ten mistakes managers make that cause bartenders to cringe.
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Ultimate Spirits Challenge - Where Spitting in Public is Encouraged  
Three days, hundreds of sips and spits -- the Ultimate Spirits Challenge judging yields recommendations from the best palates in the business on what's worth consideration for placement on your backbar.
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WAC Lighting Unveils Invisiled Pro 
Integrating high performance and innovation in a professional grade, low-profile LED flexible lighting system, WAC Lighting introduces INVISILED Pro.
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Custom Beer-Layering Spoons Give Brew Businesses Revenue and Style 
JMB Brewcraft is announcing its new, customizable black and tan beer-layering spoon.
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“Green Technology” Offers Point of Sale Solutions 
One of the latest innovations in POS marketing is a bio-luminescent technology that allows any type of logos, signage, posters, artwork and displays to light up, flash and even give the appearance of animation.
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