March 15, 2011

At the Bar With...
Toby Cecchini, the Most Educated Man to Work the Stick 

Proud to call himself a bartender (vs. a mixologist), the creator of the Cosmo waxes on the bar scene and his next venture (hopefully).

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Tech Talk
Innovative Control System Yields Greater Profits 

Real-time information means really exacting inventory control at the bar.

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Drink Trends
Skinny Margaritas -- When Less is More

Modifying the modifiers in a Margarita results in a slimmed down version of the classic favorite. Here's how.

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Ops for Profit
The Profitable Side of Morale 

Positive bartender and staff morale means greater profits, so here are tips for keeping smiles on their faces and dollars flowing.

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Barmaid Drink Glass Rimmer Adds Fun & Flavorful Twist To Cocktails 

The Barmaid Drink Glass Rimmer is a fun and functional product that makes it easy to apply salt, sugar or spices on the rim of any glass.

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Bottle Mate is the World's Thinnest Bottle Opener 

The Bottle Mate beer bottle opener is the world's thinnest bottle opener, only 1/16 inch thick and the size of a credit card.

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Follett Introduces a New High Capacity Ice Dispenser for High-Volume Drink Stations 

Follett Corporation has unveiled its newest ice dispenser, the ID650, a high-capacity ice dispenser tailored toward dispensing ice into beverage cups for high-volume beverage stations.

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