March 1, 2011


Editor's Note
Be a Smart Bar! 
by Donna Hood Crecca
Nightclub & Bar launches NCB Smart Bar, edited by Robert Plotkin and full of the Secrets of a Well Run Bar.

At the Bar With...
Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Professor of Drinks at Clyde Common 

Jeffrey Morgenthaler offers pearls of wisdom about staying true to form, sharing bartending knowledge and aging batched cocktails in bourbon barrels.

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Playing It Safe
Can you Spot the Onset of Intoxication? 

Early detection of intoxication is crucial but challenging. Train servers and bartenders to see the signs and handle with tact.

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Ops for Profit

Is your Pour Cost Too High? 

Pour cost is the standard measure of profitability behind the bar. Even staff who aren’t sure what it is, know their managers always think pour cost is too darn high. But is it really?

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Staffing for Success
The High Cost of Bartender Turnover 

Turnover is expensive. When an experienced bartender leaves a staff, the departure invariably weakens the business. Here's how to reduce bartender turnover.

Coin Mechanisms Inc. Introduces A New LED POV Sign 

Coin Mechanisms Inc. has introduced a new LED POV Sign, a marketing tool for displaying company logos, slogans and special announcements, brand marketing, POS advertising, special events and promotions, and holiday greetings.

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Start Controlling your Wine Profits With the Pour 'N Save Wine Gauge! 

The new Pour 'N Save Wine Gauge helps wine serving establishments stop costly over and under-pours.

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Kold-Draft's New GB2060 Series Makes 2,000 lbs. of Ice Per Day for the ISB Ice Bagging System 

KOLD-DRAFT’s new GB2060 Series ice machine can make up to 2,000 lbs. of ice a day and is now available as part of the revolutionary automatic ISB Ice Bagging System.

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