Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion, Booth #2107
Launched in 2001 with a vision of revolutionizing the delivery of energy drinks in bars and nightclubs, Roaring Lion has quickly grown to become the No. 1 Bag-N-Box energy drink in the USA and the No. 2 national seller of on-premise energy drinks behind Red Bull. Take the Lion's Challenge and join the 80 percent of respondents who state that Roaring Lion is closer in taste and function to Red Bull than Pepsi is to Coke. Roaring Lion offers your staff easy and efficient handling, no waste and significantly elevated profits without compromising the authentic ingredient mix, taste and quality. Roaring Lion delivers a truly industry-friendly alternative to the 8.3-ounce cans through our Bag-N-Box, 355 ml can and 500 ml re-sealable PET bottle product line. Stop by booth #2107 and take the Lion's Challenge for yourself!