Drink Recipes - Margaritas

Get the Tequila Ready for Cinco de Mayo!

May 2, 2014 | Article | By Mary-Kate Dunphy

Margaritas are the most popular cocktail in America so bust out the tequila and shake some up for your guests on Cinco de Mayo!

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Embracing Mexican Heritage on Cinco de Mayo

April 30, 2013 | Article | By Mary-Kate Dunphy

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, it is only right to celebrate with a festive margarita or Mexican inspired cocktail. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with...

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The Search for La Señorita Margarita

July 17, 2012 | Article | By Robert Plotkin

There is a thin line between fact and fiction, a line that is often obscured with the passage of time. Such is the case surrounding the origin of the...

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Skinny Margaritas -- When Less is More

March 15, 2011 | Article | By Robert Plotkin

Modifying the modifiers in a Margarita results in a slimmed down version of the classic favorite. Here's how.

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Celebrating National Margarita Day

February 16, 2011 | Article | By Alissa Ponchione

What better way to celebrate and sell the Margarita and all its iterations than by honoring and promoting the delicious cocktail on Feb. 22, National...

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Drink Recipes: Marvelous Margaritas

July 6, 2010 | Article | By Alissa Ponchione

On the rocks, frozen or served with ice, the Margarita is a go-to drink for any occasion — it’s a refreshing, citrusy treat, giving your patrons...

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Margarita Madness

July 2, 2010 | Article | By Alissa Ponchione

On the rocks, frozen or served with ice, the Margarita is a go-to drink for any occasion — it’s a refreshing, citrusy treat, giving your patrons...

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Unstoppable, Insatiable...Margarita

July 2, 2010 | Article | By Robert Plotkin

How to cash in on America’s most profitable cocktail — the Margarita.

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Inspired Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

May 4, 2010 | Article | By Emily Hanna Mayock

Add these tequila-based and other Mexican-inspired cocktails to your bar menu for the day — or for any time you need a good cocktail. Then sit...

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In Season: Cinco de Mayo Promotions and Drink Recipes

April 28, 2010 | Article | By Emily Hanna Mayock

Cinco de Mayo is almost here — known as the day U.S. residents celebrate Mexican culture with dancing, eating and especially drinking. Read on for...

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Margaritaville Reclaims Guinness World Record for Largest Margarita

October 18, 2011 | News

Margaritaville broke the World Record for the largest Margarita ever made as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

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Dita Von Teese and Cointreau Announce Newest Cocktail Creation: The Cointreau MargaDita

May 3, 2011 | News

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the summer soiree season with the Cointreau MargaDita – the latest collaboration from Dita Von Teese and Cointreau.

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Less is More: Jose Cuervo Serves Up an Under 100 Calorie Ready-to-Serve Light Margarita

April 4, 2011 | News

Jose Cuervo announces the launch of Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita, a Margarita with less than 100 calories per serving.

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Beam Global Acquires Skinnygirl Spirits Brand

March 21, 2011 | News

Beam Global Spirits & Wine announced it has acquired the Skinnygirl spirits brand, created by renowned natural foods chef, reality TV star and...

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Hornitos Tequila Brings Cowboyrita into Dallas Cowboys Stadium

September 14, 2009 | News

Made with Hornitos Reposado Tequila, the cocktail is a part of the Mischieve advertising campaign introduced in April 2009.

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6 Tequila Facts for National Tequila Day

July 24, 2014 | By Mary-Kate Dunphy

Tequila stands as North America’s first distilled drink; its origin dates back hundreds of years to when the Aztecs took sap from maguey plants and...

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Sippable Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

May 2, 2014 | By Mary-Kate Dunphy

It is a bit ironic, while Cinco de Mayo is a fairly minor holiday in Mexico, it is comparable to a Mexican St. Patrick’s Day here in the United...

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