Alpina Grog

To celebrate the launch of the industry-leading social network, 1883 is giving bartenders and baristas worldwide the opportunity to win a tasting selection of Rock syrups. Powerful, mind-blowing and bursting with energy, the 1883 rock syrups mix effortlessly into all drinks and add the perfect boost to any cocktail.

Courtesy of 1883


  • 1883 Elderflower syrup
  • 1,5cl Fir honey
  • 4,5cl Génépi
  • 1cl Lemon juice
  • 12cl Mint-fir tips infusion


In a teapot, leave to infuse at least 10 minutes, fresh mint with fir tips. In a Toddy glass pour the 1883 syrup, the honey, the Génépi and the lemon juice. Top up with the infusion and stir well before serving.
Garnish with lemon and fir tips.