Inspired Promotion Planner — October and November

CalendarOne of the biggest holidays of the year for the bar industry is coming up — Halloween. But what can you do on the other days leading up to (or following) Oct. 31? Take a look through these “holidays” around which you can build a promotion. From National Liqueur Day to Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, there are plenty of creative ways to draw in crowds in October and November.

October 16
National Liqueur Day
Sweetest Day

October 30
Devil’s Night

October 31
National Knock-Knock Day

November 1
All Saints’ Day

November 2
General Election Day

November 6
Sadie Hawkins Day

November 18
National Harvey Wallbanger Day

November 21-27
National Game & Puzzle Week

November 24
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Thanksgiving Eve

November 25

November 26
Black Friday
“The Price is Right” TV Premiere (1956)
“Twenty Questions” TV Premiere (1949)