Promos with Pay-off

Sweepstakes and Contests Benefit Both Patrons and Proprietors

Everyone loves to be a winner, and enticing people into your bar or club with a chance to win fabulous prizes may seem like a no-brainer. Fill out a form and possibly win a trip to the Caribbean? Drop a card in the fishbowl for tickets to a championship sporting event? People will line up at the door and be five deep at the bar, eagerly awaiting announcement of the lucky winner’s name (at the end of the evening, of course). Even a chance to win comp bottle service at a club or a private happy hour party at the bar will appeal to patrons.

Operators have to give to get, however. Putting together a promotion that involves a sweepstakes, contest, raffle or other type of enter-to-win component takes some serious forethought and homework, while pulling it off with panache and in compliance with local regulations requires creativity and diligence. Here are some elements to consider when planning your next program.