November 3, 2010

A Cocktail Cornucopia  
by Alissa Ponchione
Give your guests something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving by offering up some seasonal cocktails on the menu.

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Moonshine on the Menu 
by Nightclub and Bar
To connect the Lillie’s Q menu with an emerging trend, guests can have a bit of moonshine to accompany the down-home, piled-high BBQ.

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Knowing New Year’s Eve 
by Emily Hanna Mayock
New Year’s Eve. It’s one of the biggest nights of the year for bars and clubs, with patrons looking for a great experience to ring in a new year. So how do you get them in?

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How to Become the Neighborhood Hotspot 
by Jon Taffer
Want to be the bar everyone in the area loves to hit up? Try out an Apartment Complex Party, a simple promotion to implement but one that pays off big with guest loyalty.

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Flor de Cana Rum Celebrates National Sandwich Day with Crustless Cocktails 

In celebration of National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3, Flor de Caña rum is embracing this movement by creating some of the most unique concoctions imaginable: Sandwich Cocktails.

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Lucas Bols Toasts Harvey Wallbanger Day on Nov. 8 

This November 8th is National Harvey Wallbanger Day and Lucas Bols, USA invites you to toast in style with a cocktail made with the recently released Galliano L’Autentico.

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Combier and Lush Life Productions Name Top Boston Shakerface 

After recent tours in other cities, ShakerFaces’ cameras captured some of Beantown’s best bartenders on Oct. 18, including winner Andrew Foster of Russell House Tavern.

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Flavored Rum, Bottle Openers, Branded Table Tops 
by Nightclub and Bar
News and product information on: Bacardi Rock Coconut Flavored Rum, The Bottle Mate and Knuckle Head Tables and Magnetic Skins.

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