January 5, 2011


Promotional Calendar

Think Pink 
by Nightclub and Bar
Rhumbar seems to have Monday nights cornered, becoming a haven for locals and tiki-loving tourists who appreciate a great promotion and a well-crafted cocktail.

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Recipe File: Sweet Treats 
by Alissa Ponchione
Transform your cocktail menu from mundane to subtly sweet by adding a few cocktails made with saccharine liqueurs, chocolate syrups and graham cracker garnishes that will not only satisfy a patron’s sweet tooth but also your bottom line.

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Super Bowl Promo Planning 
by Donna Hood Crecca
The Super Bowl is one of the "mother of all" sports events, and should be one of the biggest nights at your bar. Here's what you should be doing now for a successful Super Bowl party on Feb. 6.

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Resolution for 2011: Responsible Service 
by Adam Chafetz
The New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make, and a goal that should be on every operator's resolution list is responsible alcohol service. Here are a few resolutions to consider in the new year.

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VÄD Vodka Stirs Up The Holiday Scene  

VÄD vodka is an ultra-premium, triple-line of vodka made in a micro-distillery in Sonoma County, Calif.

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Full Sail Brewing Company Adds LTD 04 to Its Seasonal Line of Lagers  

LTD 04, a limited edition single malt beer, from Full Sail Brewing is a beautiful pale-golden color and brewed to highlight the elegant simplicity of both the pale malt and Willamette hops.

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Klein Electronics Introduces New Digital Flashlight 

Klein Electronics has introduced the New LumenCam Digital Video Flashlight.

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