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Product Watch: Top Picks for the Bar & Nightlife Industry
Nightclub & Bar Marketplace Product Watch  
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OCT • 2014
Marketing and Promotional Videos
Attract new customers without risking your marketing dollars using LRVO marketing and promotional videos.
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Trivia Live on Demand
Put a twist on the traditional pub quiz to bring a unique, fun and digital trivia experience to your customers.
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Continuous Flow Confetti
Specifically designed for small or moderate size venues, Baby Gerb offers multi-level launch positions.
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15,000+ Music
A fantastic music video system, featuring Single Zone video, on-screen advertising and dedicated media.
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UFC Pay-Per-View Programming
Attract new customers and increase sales by broadcasting monthly UFC pay-per-view events.
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Supercharge Your Revenue!
POS technology to enhance the speed of your service, control of your business, and profits you generate.
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World Class Brewing Evolved
Brew and brand your own fresh world-class craft beer at the touch of a button and cut your draught costs in half!
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Unbreakable Glassware
Shatterproof and durable plastic barware that is ideal for your hotel, pub, restaurant, or nightclub.
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The Original Look is Back
Miller Light is the original light pilsner beer and beginning now it is back in the original heritage packaging.
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The Ultimate Clean Energy Drink
Energize your body with MaxATP™, the first energy drink in the works powered by RiboCeine™.
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