Libbey Elevates Patio and Poolside Drink Service

Libbey Foodservive Infinium collection premium plastic drinkware

The Libbey Infinium collection is premium plastic drinkware.

Bring a more upscale, trendy vibe to beverage service in outdoor and casual environments with the Infinium® collection of premium plastic drinkware from Libbey®.

Made of 100 percent BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester and crafted for the demands of use in foodservice, Infinium mimics the clarity of glass, is virtually unbreakable and retains its beauty longer than other plastic substrates.

“Some venues, particularly outdoor settings, like to use plastic for their beverage service to keep breakage to a minimum,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “The durability of Infinium provides the kind of replacement-reducing, stress-relieving performance that other plastics cannot match.”

Infinium features include:

  • Resistance to impacts, cracking, crazing and shattering
  • Dishwasher durable to maintain a “like new” appearance even after hundreds of cycles
  • Resists virtually all stains, odors and tainting of beverage flavors
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures, up to boiling or freezing points
  • Innovative design
  • Space-saving tumblers stack without sticking and inhibit water pooling on the bottom

“With the range of visually stunning designs, bartenders and mixologists can leverage the appeal of the 18-piece Infinium collection across their drink menu,” Dountas added.

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