2 New Single Batch Beers from Sam Adams


Samuel Adams has released two more beers in its Single Batch series: a black IPA called Dark Depths and a rauchbier called Cinder Bock. Oddly, this is the second new rauchbier -- or smoked beer -- from Sam Adams in the past six months. Last year Sam put a rauchbier called Bonfire in its fall variety pack. That beer was over the top in terms of smokiness; it actually tasted like a fire. (And I loved it.) Cinder Bock, a double bock brewed with smoked malts, is a more balanced tale on the style (if higher in alcohol content at 9.46 percent). Ruby with a creamy head, Cinder Bock has a muted aroma but a dark, spicy, smoky taste that suggests charred wood -- a smoldering fireplace rather than the actual ash. It is tasty and interesting, and perhaps a more palatable entry point for those who'd like to give the rauchbier style a spin.


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