Announcing the Release of the EcoCard; The First and Only Eco-Friendly Credit Card Reader/POS Cleaning Card

CleanTech Cleaning Card Company announced the release of their new EcoCardTM. The first and only biodegradable head cleaning card provides excellent cleaning for credit card readers, dip readers, POS terminals, door locks/access systems and more. EcoCard’sTM removes dirt and contaminants from the reader heads located in credit card readers and make it easy to perform maintenance in minutes. Manufactured to match the International Standard Thickness for credit cards/ ID cards, the EcoCardTM provides more cleaning surface, and thereby superior results.

The EcoCardTM is an exciting addition to the original CleanTech line of cleaning products and meets the demand of businesses looking for a green alternative. The EcoCardTM cleaning card is manufactured in the United States using a porous but highly durable photodegradable material and will simply fall apart in natural or landfill environments.