Introducing French Premium Vodka OR-G

New York, NY - Palm Bay International, one of North America’s premier names in imported fine wines and spirits, is proud to introduce OR‐G. OR‐G is the first exotic blend of premium French vodka and natural persimmon, papaya, mango and lime juices. Developed by award‐winning spirits creator Jean‐Marc Daucourt, OR‐G is more than an amazing cocktail spirit, it’s a sensual experience that opens up a world of endless possibilities.


OR‐G’s provocative name and attitude will make it an instant hit at pool‐parties and nightclubs. As urban and pop culture intersects more with mainstream, OR‐G is positioned to attract a more diverse cross‐over audience. Its versatile taste profile provides an imaginative cocktail platform, and it is mixable with all popular spirits to create a new provocative drinking experience.

OR‐G will be available in New Jersey, Florida, Maryland and Washington, D.C in July, with a nationwide launch in September. It will retail for approximately $29.99 for the 1 Liter bottle, $24.99 for the 750ml bottle, $14.99 for the 375ml bottle, and $3.99 for the 50ml.