Independent Distillers Launches Twisted Shotz Party Pack

Independent Distillers’ new line of RTD products, including Twisted Shotz, are bartender-quality mixed drinks with real spirits, real convenience and real taste. Twisted Shotz have been incredibly successful across the United States with over 2 million shots sold. Independent Distillers now is launching a new extension of the Twisted Shotz product line – the Twisted Shotz Party Pack.

Twisted Shotz Party Pack

The Party Pack includes 15 individual Shotz ‑ three each of the five best-selling Twisted Shotz Flavors. Packaged in a bright eye-catching package, the Twisted Shotz Party Pack is the perfect kit to get the party started with an assortment of the affordable, hassle-free, collectible and reusable split shot glasses, sure to provide party guests with their favorite shot drinks.

Popular Flavors
With alcohol and flavors separated into two sides, the product mixes in the mouth. No fuss, no muss. The result? Bartender-created layered shot drinks. Twisted Shotz comes in the following flavors:
• Sex on the Beach: Banana and Pear Liqueur & Cream Liqueur
• Rattlesnake: Mexican Tequila & Lime Liqueur
• Porn Star: Blue Curacao & Raspberry Schnapps
• Strawberry Sundae: Strawberry Liqueur & Vanilla Cream Liqueur
• Buttery Nipple: Butterscotch Liqueur & Vanilla Cream Liqueur

Inexpensive and Easy
Priced at $19.99 for 15 shots, Twisted Shotz Party Pack makes the party affordable, hassle-free and ready to rock! Pretty reasonable when you consider what it would cost to purchase multiple bottles of spirits and all the mixing ingredients. Each shot is already perfectly mixed and tastes great. Retailers appreciate the incremental, impulse sales and strong profit margins that Party Packs deliver.

Versatile and Fun
Twisted Shotz Party Packs are perfect for bridal showers, bachelor parties, summer barbeques, Labor Day parties, tailgate parties, picnics and Superbowl parties.