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Prism Brings New Perspective to Libbey’s Master’s Reserve Collection

November 17, 2015 | Article | By Nightclub & Bar

Libbey® Foodservice has added to its Master's Reserve™ collection of premium glassware with Prism. The latest pattern features an authentic,...

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Product Snapshot: Exciting Products on the Market

April 29, 2014 | Article | By Nightclub & Bar

Here we have taken the guess work out of searching endlessly for that new product that will help your bottom line profits soar.

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Too Cool for School - What You Don't Know About Ice

July 31, 2012 | Article | By Robert Plotkin

Shine a bright light in the eyes of an accomplished mixologist and he or she will eventually admit that ice is most important ingredient in cocktails.

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Amped Up Blender Drinks!

June 15, 2012 | Article | By Brandy Rand

When it comes to cocktails, your customers are used to shaken, stirred and straight up. This summer, amplify menu offerings with innovative frozen...

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The Wire (September 2011)

September 12, 2011 | Article | By Nightclub & Bar

Product news from on-premise technology & equipment companies including Chauvet Cubix, Roxy Crystal LED Pendant, Móz Designs ETA Products and...

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The Wire (July 2011)

July 5, 2011 | Article | By Nightclub & Bar

Product News From On-Premise Technology & Equipment Companies: Blendtec ICB3 Blender, Bacardi All-In-One Shaker, Explosion-Proof LED, Follett’s...

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Get Geeky

July 1, 2011 | Article | By Robert Plotkin

Until now, compiling information about what transpires behind the bar has been a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, computer-chip...

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A Little Respect

June 6, 2011 | Article | By Donna Hood Crecca

Royal Caribbean, Mulberry Project and Adam Seger know that with the right equipment and ingredients, blended drinks are delicious and profitable...

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The Cutting Edge of Glassware

June 6, 2011 | Article | By David Pennachetti

Guests drink with their eyes, and the vessel you choose for serving drinks can influence how guests order, their perception of your establishment and...

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Swizzle, Shake & Strain

May 2, 2011 | Article | By Jack Robertiello

Like most culinary trends, local currents drive much of what happens behind the bar. Trends in drinking and trends in bar tools go hand in hand....

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Craft Cocktails: Make Magical Mixtures in Your Own Home

January 3, 2017 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

Founded in 2015, the professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts at Muddle & Stir offer quality cocktail-related products and ingredients,...

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Present Trending Fall Cider with Libbey

October 4, 2016 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

Libbey's Hard Cider glass has arrived just in time for fall. This innovative glass is perfect for presenting one of the top trending beverages: hard...

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How On-trend Glassware Can Update your Signature Drinks

September 2, 2014 | News

Restaurant tabletop trends—including glassware—arise out of contemporary food and drink trends. Tableware expert, Amy Stavis, provides insight...

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Introducing a Coaster that Keeps Your Drink Cold: The Cooler

February 24, 2014 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

There is a new, innovative product that is currently on the market; a coaster that keeps drinks cold called the Cooler. The Cooler comes in 5 sizes...

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Knork Flatware to Be Seen on New Season on Bravo Media’s "Top Chef"!

October 2, 2013 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

Modernize your dining experience with the revolutionary Knork! Flatware with an edge, Knork has teamed up with Bravo's Top Chef to bring a whole new...

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The Neat Glass - Changing the Way the World Drinks

October 25, 2012 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

Introduced by Arsilica Inc in Las Vegas, NV, this unique pot-still shaped glass uses simple physics to separate alcohol odors before they burn and...

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soiréehome’s Newest Product Gives New Meaning to the Word “Chilling”

August 2, 2012 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

tilt provides a lasting chill without compromising the flavor of any drink.

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Featured Blender Drink Recipes

June 15, 2012 | News | By Brandy Rand

No longer just about cartons of mixers, bartenders are using everything from bitters to grilled fresh fruits to change the way we think about blended...

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Kingfish Adds Peppermint CREAM to its Lineup

January 4, 2012 | News | By Nightclub & Bar

Inspired by the spirit of the holiday season and the increasing demand for new CREAM flavors, Peppermint CREAM has been introduced to 12 U.S. states...

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MaxLite Presents Innovative Line of LED Fixtures and Lamps

November 7, 2011 | News

Offering a broad range of energy efficient lighting solutions for a multitude of applications, MaxLite presents MaxLED, the company’s innovative...

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