Portable Floors by California Portable Dance Floor Co.

California Portable Dance Floor Co. is proud to introduce our newest product in our line of products that give you many choices and options when it comes to your dance floor needs! We are now offering you the ability to have a 24-foot-diameter round dance floor in our composite laminate floor style. Having a portable dance floor gives you the most options. You can move your floor, change the shape, add to the size or make it smaller as your needs change. We have vinyl, real wood, composite laminates and our specialty “holographic” floors. We make many styles and sizes. We have been manufacturing our floors with the reliability, durability and quality of the products you have trusted for over 50 years! We have been keeping you dancing since 1956! Check out our Website at www.cpdfc.com. Call us for a quote: 800-662-2395.

California Dance Floor Co