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Small but Powerful Spirits Brands are Hot – Are you Cashing In?

Size matters, but in today’s think-and-drink-local environment, there’s a new appreciation for all things small, especially those hand-crafted and bottled in small batches. No matter if the distillation and bottling takes place thousands of miles away, so long as it’s being done in small quantities by a hands-on team of passionate individuals.

Boutique spirits brands are on the rise, not only in number but also in popularity at the bar, where savvy barkeeps are pouring everything from limited-edition white whiskeys to single estate tequilas and small batch bourbons, serving them up with a smile and a story. While some boutique brands are pricey, others are downright cheap, and yet both can deliver healthy profits per pour, thanks to their uniqueness, which alone demands a higher drink price point. The real value in boutique brands, however, is that by placing these unsung heroes on your back bar, you’re offering something barflies can’t get everywhere, thereby setting your place apart from the rest. And in this hyper-competitive market, where thirsty patrons continue to watch their spending carefully, differentiation is everything.

A broad range of these specialty spirits will be on display, with the folks behind them on hand, at the first Boutique Brands Pavilion at the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show. Visit ncbshow.com for information and read on for overviews of the participating brands. Then come to taste, chat and explore. Among these small but mighty brands, you are likely to find the Next Big Thing for your bar. NCB — Donna Hood Crecca