Reality Stars and the Clubs that Love Them

Being in the know about Snooki or JWOWW is a must for every nightclub owner these days. In fact, this January “Jersey Shore” cast members nearly caused a riot at Montclair, N.J., nightclub 501 Lounge when 2,000 guests crammed into the 800-capacity club to see the tanned pseudo-celebs. Booking reality show stars like those from the “Jersey Shore” cast is a trend that continues to grow, proving to be a lucrative money-making endeavor not only for the stars but also for nightclub promoters, booking agents and owners.

The rise of the reality star has opened the floodgates on less-expensive celeb appearances for nightclub operators looking to drive the crowds into their clubs. Mike Esterman, CEO of celebrity booking agency Esterman Entertainment, has more than 250 celebrities on his roster ready to be booked and flown to any nightclub looking to bring in some extra money by offering a chance for partiers to rub shoulders with the famous. With someone like Snooki from “Jersey Shore” garnering $15,000 and contestants from VH1’s reality dating shows “Rock of Love” or “For the Love of Ray J” receiving anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per club appearance, it seems the time is right for cashing in on the instant fame of those starring in reality TV shows.