Harnessing Star Power

It’s as though a meteor landed at your club. People are frantically texting friends, urging them to hurry to your club to see the star who just showed up. Patrons pack the place like sardines, standing on their tip-toes to peer over other club-goers to catch a glimpse of the celeb. 

You’re sitting in the office smiling.

Of course, that’s only if you’re lucky enough for a celebrity to happen to pick your venue as the place to hang for a night. For the average club owner, a celebrity sighting is about as common as that meteor. For the majority of bars and clubs, stars only show up if hired, which can be costly. Of course, the ROI is the opportunity to properly market the appearance in advance, driving traffic and that all-important buzz about your club being the “in” spot.

Trial and error  in coordinating celebrity events is one path to take, but it can involve being left hanging without the star at the last minute or not getting your money’s worth. The other is learning step-by-step from those who’ve perfected the art of the celebrity appearance.

Verne Troyer

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