Model DJs

Nightclub entertainment follows a certain credo — find a great DJ that knows how to get a party started. STADJ Music took this formula and shook it up with an unconventional approach: using female models-turned-DJs. Husband and wife team Edan and PC Miller founded their DJ academy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2008 and its success has proven there’s a market for attractive, talented female DJs, allowing the nightclub experience to evolve both musically and aesthetically. Here’s what Edan (aka DJ EM) and PC Miller have to say about staying on top of nightclub trends with STADJ Music (

Nightclub Confidential: What is the DJ training like? 

Edan Miller: STADJ Music training is extensive and always evolving. We work like a music conservatory, where our talents are mentored by top NYC DJs from day one. We start by teaching CDJ-1000 and DJM-800 mixer, followed by cutting songs technique and beat matching. After the talent has control of these skills, they start working with laptop and Serato software as well as turntables, including Scratch Live for open format DJing. Some talents also progress to working with effects, midi controllers and Traktor DJ software for electronic music. We do not charge for any of our ongoing training. This commitment up front allows us to select the girls we want to work with as well as direct their overall skill development and drive the music styling in order to supply top-notch client-centric music programs.