Huffington Post: "Bar Rescue' Host Jon Taffer On Piratz Tavern Revolt: 'It Defies Logic'

From Huffington Post:

"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer has an important question about one of the D.C. area's most quirky businesses, an establishment that revolted against the Spike TV host's best make-over efforts.

"If you had a pirate concept that had failed for five years and had a new concept, would you go back to the concept that failed for five years or try something new? It defies logic that someone would go back to a concept just because they don't like the new name."

The second season of "Bar Rescue" premiered Sunday night with an episode profiling Piratz Tavern, a pirate-themed bar on Georgia Avenue near Silver Spring's Red Line Metrorail station.

Viewers of the show witnessed a drastic renovation. What was once a pirate-themed tavern was transformed into the "Corporate" bar and grill. But not for long.

Soon after the filming was complete, the renovations and rebranding were tossed aside to let the pirates back in.

Taffer told The Huffington Post that he disagrees with the bar's decision to revert to its pirate roots.

"I think it defies logic. Whether one likes the asthetic or concept I created, there are certain logical, indisputable points that one can't argue with."

Taffer and his crew didn't think the bar's location in Silver Spring was ideal for a dinner crowd. "There are roughly 270,000 people there in the daytime. Disposable income levels drop substantially at night."

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