'Bar Rescue' Recap Rocks Bar in Laguna Niguel California

"Bar Rescue" creator is Jon Taffer, a professional in the bar industry who can recognize where things are going wrong in bars across the country and his mission is to fix them before the owners put up the "out of business" sign.

In this episode Jon comes to the rescue of "Rocks Bar" in Laguna Niguel, California owned by Scott Terheggen, who has lost money at the rate of $2000 a month for two years. It was a former smoking bar, but smoking was removed from the equation and that is why the owner believes is the reason for failure. Jon Taffer knows better.

Jon sent his bartender daughter Samantha in to check the bar out. She ordered a cocktail that had little taste, the place smelled like stale beer, the most unprofessional staff and rowdy customers that chase new business away.

Jon brings in a speed bartender to teach the staff how to pour a good drink. Jon shows the owner how his choices of staff and clientele are killing his business and that drinks are being over-poured or just given away.

Jon changes the bar to a nightclub with intention of attracting a younger more hip crowd. Jon even brings in a DJ to teach the current DJ how to keep the flow of the club more enjoyable. The current DJ is inexperienced and needs lots of help.

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