From Socially Challenged to Socially Gifted a Rendezvous in Old Town

Editor’s Note: A popular presenter at our Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas, Maria Miranda and her colleague, Nicole Anllo are in the process of helping Clubs/Bars of all markets/sizes “makeover” their social media messaging with the goal to convert the socially challenged to the socially gifted. In the months ahead, this column will share the real-world examples of the Bars/Clubs who competed to win a free makeover in exchange for sharing their experiences to benefit others. How can this column help you? You’re not alone in your challenges, and here you’ll find challenge related advice. And, if you’d like your Bar/Club to be featured in this column, share your challenge/needs with us: click here.

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Tourists v. Locals :  The Challenge of Appealing to Two Distinct Customers via Social Media

A major issue faced by many bars and clubs is having multiple different and very distinct audiences that are hard to market to as a whole. In the following case study we’ll take a look at Rendezvous in Old Town, a fun wine and craft beer bar in Cottonwood, Arizona. Located in an old renovated gas station, Rendezvous in Old Town has a relaxed eclectic atmosphere and features a menu with over 20 wines, 24 beers on tap and a few small food options. The bar is popular among tourists who flock to the area for nearby winery tours and tastings. But on weekdays, the only people rendezvousing in rural Cottonwood are the locals. Let’s look at how our friends in Cottonwood can boost social marketing to reach both tourists and locals…

Starting dashboard for Rendezvous in Old Town: