Dip a Chip in Honor of an All-Time Favorite: National Nacho Day!


Everyone keep calm and try to hold back your excitement because today is, drum roll please, National Nacho Day. It just so happens that nachos are a guilty pleasure of mine, so I hold this holiday near and dear to my heart; it’s a close second to Halloween in my list of favorites.

Being that the subject of this particular holiday is an extremely popular bar food, this day should be a piece of cake to maximize your profits! The nacho is a quick and easy dish to create and luckily it goes great with any beverage! The margarita is the most ordered cocktail in the United States, so I would play off of the Mexican theme and pair the two with a festive promotion on this important day.

Get the word out about today! Promote on a sign outside your door and simply let your customers know. Send a tweet and a Facebook post while you’re at it! People love deals, they love nachos and if people order food at a bar, they will stay approximately 52 minutes longer and ordering that next drink.

Give your customers options on National Nacho Day; cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, jalapenos, the works! Anything you’ve got, offer it up so your customers can feel special at your bar by having their very own, customized nacho plate. If I walk into your bar, however, make sure to hold the beans, shy on the lettuce and maybe throw in a side of hot sauce! I would have to say that the consensus of the general public is simply that nachos are loved, so give the people what they want on National Nacho Day!