COCKTAILS | Modern Martinis

What is a Martini? Classically, it’s vodka or gin with vermouth – which spirit and how much vermouth is a matter of personal taste and usually much debate among imbibers and barkeeps alike. But the Martini has morphed into any drink put into a Martini glass. Which brings up another debate: should it be called a Martini glass, a cocktail glass or a coupe? We welcome your thoughts on that one.

Here, we offer some contemporary takes on the classic cocktail, each of which would jump start your spring or summer drink menu with style.

Bacon Martini

A favorite at the Double Down Bars in Las Vegas and New York City, owner P Moss who reports it’s a favorite with the ladies.
3 strips hickory smoked bacon
1 bottle vodka
Fry the bacon and “massage” it into a bottle of vodka. Allow bottle to stand for 24 hours; the bacon will soften. Chill the vodka.  Strain into a chilled Martini glass.