Building a Network

Using Social Media Strategically Can Make Your Promotion a Success

So you’re launching an exciting new promotion at your venue, and you want a cost-efficient and time-effective means of getting the word out. Where do you turn? Social media, of course!

It’s the hottest buzzword in the industry these days, and according to statistics everywhere, most of you have already jumped on the bandwagon. The question is…now what? How do you actually get results? Here’s how to attract traffic for your next promotion.

Pre-Promotion Actions

Conduct pre-promotion market research. Use your loyal fan base to find out exactly what they want out of your promotion. It’s free and bypasses hiring a costly research firm. Be sure to use different methods to get different information: ask open-ended questions to garner open-ended responses; post polls or take votes to receive more structured data.

If you ever want to tap into this goldmine of information again, you must act on the results you receive. If your followers feel their voice is unheard, they will keep it to themselves next time. Along those same lines, conduct post-event research. Find out what your guests thought about the promotion to make your next one even better.

Also, use social media’s built-in publicity tools. Social networking sites are designed to reach everyone. The entire Facebook community — not just your own fans — can search Facebook Events, which means word can spread virally. Additionally, every time someone RSVPs for your event, all of his or her friends can see it (depending on privacy settings), leading to smart word-of-mouth marketing.

Connecting with Guests