Around the Scene: January 7, 2010

Congratulations to the Tryst Nightclub team in Las Vegas, which will celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Wynn Las Vegas hotspot on Thursday, Jan. 21. Was it really four years ago that Victor Drai and the Waits twins rode in to the rescue of Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn after the original nightclub space, La Bete, bombed spectacularly? What would have happened had Wynn given the venue to the handful of other nightclub impresarios gunning for the space instead of Drai? Instead, Tryst changed the nightlife scene around the country and made Drai and the Waits brothers instant celebrities in the nightlife landscape, leading to the creation of XS, the growth of Drai’s After Hours and the soon-to-open Hollywood outpost. Tryst’s fourth anniversary — sounds like an appropriate milestone to celebrate!

Tryst Nightclub