Opal Nera Sambuca

Opal Nera, the original black sambuca, and Opal Bianca, a traditional white sambuca, are back in Opal NeraUnited States!

Opal Nera starts by distilling sugar beets with alpine water to create an exceptionally clean neutral spirit. Next, each fresh, all-natural ingredient is distilled one at a time with the neutral spirit to build the harmonious and complex flavor. Lastly, the skins of the elderberry plant’s black berries are macerated with the finished liquid to give Opal Nera its mysterious, dark violet-black color.

These uniquely smooth anise liqueurs imported from Italy offer a touch of citrus, delicate elderflower undertones and a lightly sweet, velvety finish. Both brands include the secret ingredient that sets them apart, northern Italian elderflowers. At 80 proof, you can sip both straight or enjoy them on the rocks. Opal Nera also can be used and enjoyed in a host of innovative cocktail recipes.

To learn more, visit opalnerausa.com.