Nightclub Insurance.comNightclub is a specialized insurance solutions provider that delivers to you expertise in both insurance coverages and bar and club management. Our executive management team includes previous bar and club owners who were faced with the types of business risks you face today, and the decisions you’ll need to make tomorrow. These dual competencies put us in a unique position to deliver today’s best insurance solutions. Here’s why informed owner chooses to protect his business with us:

Experts in Hospitality Insurance
We ONLY insure nightclubs, bars and restaurants, which allows us to custom-tailor coverage for your business.

Our Exclusive Carrier Fights Claims with a Vengeance
Paying claims increases insurance costs for everyone. Our customers like us in their corner when faced with questionable claims.

Best Assault & Battery Coverage
Our customers have the peace of mind knowing they are protected
by the most comprehensive A&B coverage in the business.