Top 5 Reasons you Get Kicked out or not let into a club in the first place

January 25, 2014

Ok, so I love it when I get Emails from upset Douche Bags that we have denied or kicked out of the club's, and they all have an excuse why it was not them or why they should be let back in and they all threaten to get a lawyer and sue the club!

The kid in me wants to respond "GO F*#^@ YOURSELF with a WET PICKLE and CHUNKY PEANUT BUTTER!!!!"

The Adult in me just does not respond, because I know just like every Crap that gets dropped in the toilet they eventually all go down the drain and are gone just like the Piece of S@%T that they are!

Top 5 Reasons for getting kicked out, or not let in the club!

#1 Your Attitude SUCKS!
If you are going to be a Jerk to a 400 LBS Samoan Doorman, then what are you going to do when a 150lb customer in the club steps on your white kicks that your dumb ass should not have worn to a busy club in the first place!

#2 You harass Women in the club
This is not the F&@%ING Lottery and hitting on every girl in the club, including when you hang out by the women's bathrooms is not acceptable YOU WILL BE REMOVED!

#3 You touch Girls in the club
I wish we could have one of the Samoans just slap the S^@# out of you like your mother should have for being so damn disrespectful! YOU WILL BE REMOVED! and the second time you do it banned for life!

#4 You are a drunk Idiot!
I get it that you are out having a good time and getting drunk but know your limits. So when you come to the front door and get pissed at the door guy for not letting you in, then Verbally Abuse, threaten him and make a scene at the front door.. I think about the guy who attempted to get into another club that we do not own a few months back, and who got KNOCKED THE F@#^ OUT and half of his face caved in for being a Dumb A$$ and threatening the front doorman... PS your friends are not helping you out by not dragging you away!

#5 Dress Code
If you dress like a thug, Gang member or wanna be gangster then you will be denied as you are to dumb or too cool to be part of society. Your Pants hanging down so that everyone knows the brand of your cute little undies is a good first guess that you are not mentally old enough to know that big kids pull up their pants after they go potty!
And a White T Shirt is something you buy to wear under a button up shirt. And that Jersey and Matching Ball Cap is from the 80's and is so played out and that if you all got together and bought matching sweatsuits like the old people in Florida it would make life so much easier for you!

Rant over
Please drive thru!

Chris Lenahan

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