How to Take Advantage of Your Vendors and Leave Them Smiling

December 16, 2010


One item in this business that seems to get over looked is vendor support. I'm talking about your beer, soda, energy drink and liquor suppliers.
These guys have lots and lots of free stuff that you can use to support promotions, decorate your estabilishment and give-a-way to your customes on a regular basis.
I just helped one of my liquor distributor friends clean out two of his storage units. We threw away a large truck load of displays, dated program materials and etc. When I asked him why he didn't give this stuff to his customers, he said that he didn't have time to take stuff to people if they didn't want it in the first place. In other words, if they want stuff they should ask for stuff.
My suggestion is to visit with your vendors and ask what they have setting around in their warehouse collecting dust. They will get the hint and start bringing you all kinds of swag and other goodies. 
The way that brands jump from one rep firm to the next on a daily basis, the old rep firm just takes what he has left and takes it to the dump. Here's an example. Jameson used to be reped by XXXXX Marketing Group. Now they are reped by YYYY Brands. When this took place a while back, I was lucky enough to get all of the XXXXX reps "old" Jameson pos, pop and distribute to my customers. Even though I don't rep for the liquor brand, my customers were very happy to get the signs, bar mats, tee's and a whole bunch of other branded stuff.
Don't be shy, especially if it's dated stuff like for the Holiday's. I got 6 four foot diameter wreaths yesterday that look really good on the outside of my favorite bar. The bar was really happy to get them.

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