How to Spot a Fake, Altered or Not Them ID.

January 14, 2011

I thought that some of you could use this.

From EEG Inc.

Doormen’s Tip Sheet
· Check the expiration date. Do not accept the I.D. if it is expired.
· Do not accept “duplicate” I.D.’s, someone else may have the original.
· Do not accept paper renewal receipts without a second form of I.D.
· Check for glue lines, bumpy surfaces by the picture or birth date. Uneven surfaces indicate tampering. The surface of the I.D. should be of a consistent thickness.
· Consistency of the typeset. All of the typeset should be the same.
· Use a blacklight, flashlight or magnifying glass for close up inspection of the security features such as ultraviolet printing or micro printing.
· Look at the State logo. A state seal or logo that is partially missing or appears altered is another clue that the I.D. is fake or altered.
· Check to make sure that the hologram is real and not a sticker.
· Check for pinholes on the surface of the I.D. Bleach may have been inserted to “white out” certain aspects of a date.
· Check the I.D.’s reverse-side lettering. While the front may appear flawless, often counterfeiters merely photocopy the reverse side. Look for blurred lettering.
· Check the size, coloring, lettering, thickness and corners. Compare the questionable I.D. against a standard one, your own for example.
· Look at the person that handed you the I.D. and check their features against the ones on the I.D., photo, height, and weight. Make sure that they match or are close.
· If the I.D. is from another state, check it against the I.D. Drivers License Book.

What to do if you think that the I.D. that you have is fake:
· Ask for a second form of I.D. People that fake I.D.’s rarely carry a second back-up form of fake identification.
· Quiz the cardholder about the basic information on the I.D., such as birth date, middle initial, zip code, address or eye color. Any hesitation will confirm your suspicions.
· Have them sign a blank piece of paper and compare the signatures.


Re: How to Spot a Fake, Altered or Not Them ID.
by: jojo_id
June 6, 2011

 Hi!  I'm new to this site but have been in the biz for quite a while.  I got frustrated with the procedure of checking IDs at my place in South Beach and made an app for the iPhone or iPod to check your patrons age.  The app works with a magnetic stripe scanner that attaches to the iPhone or iPod and shows the age of the guest along with some more info to make it easier for staff to verify age.  You can check out my website for more info and to see some screens shots:  The app will be available for download on iTunes this month and will offer a much cheaper alternative to the current ID scanners on the market now.  I can also be reached at [email protected] for any questions.  


Re: How to Spot a Fake, Altered or Not Them ID.
by: aceofspades
October 9, 2012

Fakes have gotten pretty huge lately and our door guys aren't exactly incredibly well paid or trained enough to detect them. Is a card swiper enough to take away our liability?


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