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Facebook Is Essential To Bars & Clubs, If Used Properly & Efficiently

April 16, 2013

So what are they doing while on the phone ? Its not a BIG secret. They are checking their messages or updating their facebook. Checking in a location, replying to a fb message, or taking and uploading a pic. If they are really bored, they go the extra mile and browse all their friends statuses.

Most small businesses create a people’s page (personal) and use it for their business. Facebook has made it so hard to accept a name that does not sound like a real person’s name. Using a personal user page has its advantages though. You can message one of your clients directly or create an event and invite them all to that event. Pages with more than 200 friends have really hard time adding all friends to event one by one, unless they have a ‘select all’ App. A fan page has limitations. You may create an event,but no way you can invite all the people that like your page. The only way is to promote your event with a Fb ad. Also, a fan that likes your page can now message you on your fan page and then you may reply,but you alone cannot initiate a first message.

Most smaller companies do have some sort of fan page but its very limited and boring. Almost non interactive, one might say. A page that is fun and more interactive is a page that has tabs ( links)added as an i-frame. That allows a visitor to explore several plugins to your page besides the basic wall,photos,etc.HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PAGE CREATED BY ( )



The only bad news is that Facebook always changes stuff around the settings, so there is no setting to choose a landing page anymore. There is however, other gadgets that force the visitor to click ‘like’ in order for the tab to be seen by them.

There are so many basic but important strategies to use on facebook for your Club/Bar, but we will discuss more strategies next time. My advice to you for now is this : Create both a personal page. as well as a fan page. That will allow you to create events and directly invite your friends to these events. If you have a fan page, DO NOT leave it PLAIN & boring. Message the techs at citytextin and they will be happy to explain more and even give you cool ideas regarding your business format.

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