Excellentbars Dirty Blog...Videos start after day 14

December 16, 2010

Excellentbars Dirty Video Blog

I have been looking for over 3 months and spent 12K working on making this project happen But it is finally here

I have looked at 20+ venues and negotiated multiple deals with some great people and a slim bag or two! I have created multiple floor plans and finished entire presentations which are not easy! for 3 venues! OUCH! the poor trees that I have killed with my laser printer

After the last fallout i go back to revisit other sites and hope that something will come available....So one of the great locations was actually in the process of a sale so that sucked and I decided to have my partner call them The deal fell out and the landlord wants to lease .....his is great it is an existing restaurant with a full kitchen in great shape and we start the negotiations....

First we meet with them then dicuss what they want...I shoot them and LOI (A template can be found in the forum under Legal) they respond quickly and then are still unsure so I make a 4TH proposal and drop it and enough infomation to keep a librarian busy for a week!

They say why didnt you give this to me right away they say They love it and boom the lease is in our hands that night...

I still don't believe it and even days later I am still not sure That was great a smart landlord this is a revelation!!!!!!!!!!

So the next day down to the bank to get a notary and cut 2 huge checks for 1st and last and deposit OUCH! but still well worth it and drop the lease off to be signed by the landlord and we are done!

Wait not done yet now the real work starts!!!!!!

1-Great location the rating will be posted next
2-Great lease
3-Good Parking
4-Entertainment district
5-Awesome Kitchen -needed for the liquor License we will serve Kick (Soap In My Mouth) food

So let the work begin!

Day 1

Well I have to actually say that this project has been a long time coming and I have spent I estimate over $17,000 just to get to this point :?

The lease is signed and the deposit is in to the landlord....WOW :!:

I have started my long list and am knocking out the punch list one at a time and the list only ever grows it does not shrink...

so the most important things on the list today where the City buiding dept, Insurance, Security, Liquor Lisence, Architect and a floor plan..

So off I go to the biulding department to get any info and find out the occupany rating for the venue...
I get down to the building dept and the lady at the front counter puts me in line and I wait only about 30 minutes Then my name is called and I head back to chat with a nice lady.....

WRONG DEPARTMENT :x I was sent to ZONING not occupancy....Ok now I have to get back in line for building :cry: another 30 minutes goes by and im off again I feel like the next contestant on the price is right! :lol:

"Chris Come on Down" :lol:

So back I go into the office cubical area with my happy city worker connie and we sit down to help me figure what the occupanc rating is now.

I have some documentation from the building resource records center but the venue has been multiple uses over the years and is now rated a multifamily/retail? but it is a restaurant and has been for the last 5 years!! :?
So we start to look into the issue and we find that I will need to change the occupancy to an Assembly occupancy! I knew this but it triggers lots of issues and as you know here on the west coast Earthquakes are killers!

So Connie looks at me and say's "I hope you didnt sign the lease" :shock: OH!!! CRAP!!! "Why" I ask sweating now I have my best poker face on and inside i am dropping a load!!!! :shock:
You will need to sismic the building to change occupancy!! :shock: "What, Why" I say to her "to meet code's" she says
I am calm and she is asking me if I signed he lease, I have and paid a huge deposit!!!! :cry:

Connie say's "hold on let's go through the laws and codes and find out exactly where we are at" I am saying prayers now and keeping my cool, and we find the laws that require sismic upgrade triggers!

For a single story building if tenant improvements exceed $40 per square foot the venue will require sismic upgrades.. I am jumping out of my seat and I would kiss her and hug her if I could get over this huge desk..... :lol: But I stay calm 8)
The venue is already perfect and needs very little work done just add the bars and bang instant bar!
There is no way I will even get close to that!

I know Im not out of the woods yet.......So Wonderful Connie gides me throught a new inquiry on record that states that the venue is to change the occupancy but not chage the use and not to exceed $40 in TI's BUT

I must first clean up the mess from the last 2 tenants and their failure to follow city codes and regulations :cry: I need to show that all of the past improvements not on city record are included in the $40 a square foot range.....

Connie let's me know that I need my contractor and Architect to get the new floor plan and a copy of the floor plan on city record and figure out the alterations made to the venue and the total $$$ amount of those completed but unregistered TI's

Ok so I get the copies from records and compare the venue now until then all they added was a wall for the kitchen and added a hood system (That was on record and in the system) so this will not count aganst me! Yeah!

This was one huge heart stopping experiance...Now I am waiting for the Fire Marshal!

So I have meet with my Liquor Lawyer and have delivered the paperwork to him...The venue has an existing Liquor License that is limited and We will transfer that the get an up graded privilage license requst going...

I have called the Liquor commision and requested a meeting :?: This takes them froever to get back to you!
I have called the insurance companies and am getting quotes.

I also have cleaned up the venue for the fire marshal to walk through..this is a good idea and I recommend it to everyone!

Here are a few pictures








Yuck the kitchen is next!!! it needs love!

Day 3

Well another Long day up at 730am and I am sure we will not leave tonight until midnight..

Ok so today was a stripping and cleaning day!!!

We had this big pond from the last restaurant and we needed to remove it to the next area over...

The venue is 1 building with 2 seperate spaces total square feet is 7700 and it is divided in half with 2 kitchens one on each side and 8 bathrooms with 4 ADA stalls total...

So today we started by removing the pond


Also all of the floor molding to get ready for the new flooring going in on Monday......


I also want to replace the flooring in the kitchen and I will just lay new flooring over the old....

The kitchen is a mess and has grease and fat molded over and stuck to the floor everywhere

Image ... G_1660.jpg

We Scrub and Scrub and Scrub and finally the floor starts to look good..I also remove all of the shelving they had constructed I do not understand I would have bought Metro racks for $79 instead of all the time and money spend building this monster...But out it goes..I will reuse the unistrut im sure.

Also the last restaurant had window adverts and we needed to remove them all "Pain in the Butt"

Now the fun part the word is out and I have hired a full time girl to crank out advertising campain on I have 2 accounts for the bar and can get about 200 friend requests out per day..I am getting friend links from local promotors and area searchs..

Also I start my Venue advertising blitz with Video loops on the outside of the venue I will start this week with 1 then next week 2 then finally 3 video projectors on the windows..

Night Time

I am still trying to get the camera system up on my web-site but this will take a few days as I need to do something with the router that is beyond my skill... I worked on it for 3 hours yesterday and finally gave up

Day 3.5

Important items

Sorry it has been a long weekend and I finally crashed on Sunday... I needed the sleep so we worked a half day and just mostly internet and paperwork...


I always advise everyone when opening a bar contact all the local offical agencys

3-Liq Lic
4-Business (Soap In My Mouth)
5-Neighborhood (Soap In My Mouth)

and so on to develop a good relationship with these people and also to let them know what you are planning so there will be no surprises...

So I contacted the Police dept and Recieved and immediate reply from office Clayton..This is the second meeting I have had and she is a great asset to the community...She has a great grasp of what is occuring in the area and understands that she has a responsibility to the community to ensure safe operators the best that she can.....
Office Clayton also was kind enough to introduce me to the local units and the SGT that handle the area...Unfortunately the unit Leader was away at the time....

I would like to help the police force to help me! I will be installing cameras on the interior and exterior of my venue and will have a live internet feed of all 8 cameras with my DVR system...I will post signs and put small LCD screens that show everyone on the street that they are being monitored......
The Police force will be able to monitor a huge portion of the exterior area including two streets for crime and add a little more security to the immediate area.

I also am removing a telephone booth that is attached to my building...The officers have asked for this and I will be happy to do it!

Everyone should realize in the business that the police force in their area is a partner not a problem.......

Day 4


Back to the salt mines again and I am up by 730 am answering e-mails and getting the list ready for today.....

Once at the bar it is time to defeat the evil internet camera system monster ......Lucky for me one of my good friends in a Cysco systems SUPERSTAR!!!!! and after only 3 hours of we try everything and im on again and off again with him on the phone.....Finally
Victory!!!!! we have figured out the system and Eon has me up and running on the net live with the cameras!!!

I have already got 5 cameras up and running and tomorrow i will have the 1st of 3 exterior cameras....

Ok so the work that was finished on the venue was still prep work as we are meeting with the liquor depatment tomorrow at 10 am then with the architect who I found from city records who did the last design drawings so this will save me a lot of money from him already having everything on CAD!!!!

Today was Clean the kitchen and remove the old bar day, alot of Yuck going out the door....

Its hard to tell but the kitchen has been scrubbed clean

I also am trying to locate vinyl ceiling tiles for the kitchen...These are mandatory for most health inspections and I prefer them because they are easy to clean. That is if you need or have a kitchen I recommend them.

Also I have the crew removing the old bar and the tile flooring that was layed down.....

This took alot of work and muscle to get this all up and out we are removing a section of the back wall also and will redo the drywall

I also have my girl everyday on adding friends for the marketing......200 friend requests per day.....

Here is my contractor adding up the numbers to make this project can see it but I have a baseball bat in my hands making sure we agree.


I have a bid that is not to exceed...Chad will be doing all the casework and finishing work along with all of the items we need for a flat fee..I am paying him for 2 months of unlimited work and I will pay for the materials...

I am waiting for my first quotes for insurance to return......Yuck

Today the ADT guy was in and they where much cheaper than brinks who has an extra $6 per month added for service fee's and I recieved a free panic button... along with full security system doors and motion!

Also here is my boy Mark he was one of my partners in a big nightclub I ownerd in Tempe Az Freedom Nightclub...he is a cool kid and is now one of our inhouse promoters and VIP hosts

He kicks (Soap In My Mouth) and everyone loves him!!!! I just need to keep the girls from fighting over him!

I also have to get the equipment plan finished tonight for the architect tomorrow....

Day 5

Long day of mostly meeting's

I had an early meeting with the Liquor Dept. I get a call from my Liquor License Lawyer and he is meeting us there at 10am he calls me and say's he is on the way where is the office. WHAT!!!!! I am thinking to my self why is he asking me where the office is I should be asking him????? WTH! So I tell him the address and he is like "OHH Yeah, OK see you there" So Me and my partner arrive early and we are waiting for the Lawyer to arrive 9:55 9:57 9:58 he calls...Hey my car broke down and I can't make it!!!! My partner is PISSED!!!!! and like why are we paying this guy and what for..... I am also pissed and shaking my head...I tell the lawyer on the phone "Ok fine I will call you If I need anything!" Hang up!

Back to the moment...

They are so very very helpful Here! Mr Ellis was helping us and we had an almost 2 hour face to face meeting with Mr Ellis guiding us throught the process...I am so glad for professionals like him who have been working at thier job for over 20 years and are over the ego and BS that you often expect from a public official...

I go into this meeting understanding that I need to keep my mouth shut and listen... I take notes and prepare my questions for the proper time....

The Meeting was great He went over the application with me and was so helpful that I left that meeting amazed... The venue had a limited Liquor License and once I get all of my paperwork and insurance I can have the License transfer immediately...Then I will have the greater privledge application working and that should take 30 to 45 days..... With the holiday season I am dying!!!! Here.... This is going to be tight to open for new years but I will choose not to open without a full liquor License and everything in order....

Things we need for the Liquor License

1-Liquor Liability Insurance- I have the forms (2) companies
2-Copy of the lease- Check
3-Corporate papers-Tomorrow
4-Background check forms-Check
5-Financial tracking forms-Tomorrow
6-Floor and Seating plan-Friday
7-Liquor License upgrade request form-Tomorrow
8-Liquor License Application-Tomorrow

We both leave the office and head back for a meeting with our architect..Herbert!

We get back and I have a finished floor plan and an equipment layout, Plumbing and Electrical ready for him this saves time and money if you are prepared with this information.

Herbert is great he is chinese and about 80 years old "No kidding I will get picks" He is great and he did the drawings for the last restaurant and has 2 copies of the plans with him....He is great I love this guy....I add the changes to his drawings and he is off like a rocket.....Ok Turtle but he forgot the equipment layouts

I found him from my city records search of the venue from the city building dept ....I recommend that everyone do this as it saves time and money..You can see all the work and permits for a venue from its creation most times....It cost $188 but was well worth it this was huge...and their was lots of pages this did include printing also...

So next item Getting the one more camera mounted outside of the venue and this was a tough one.....This took about 2 hours and 3 guys it felt like a city job....Two guys holding up shovels and one pointing..

We have the camera mounted and the system on line so we can watch it on the internet IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I will be posting the full time camera on my web-site so anyone can log on and watch it 24 hours a day it also has audio....Way Cool

I am now getting ready for the pile of paperwork infront of me so I got to go....

Day 6 Sorry No Pics

Another run run run day...

Todays check list

1-Insurance for the venue and liquor Licensing
2-State SOS Secretary of state Business Licensing
3-Security cameras for outside venue
4-Clean Cellar
5-Cost co/Home Depot (Club Depot)/Wally World
6-Copy of the Lease

AM up and running to get the forms sent off to the Insurance Lady for quotes...I need to have my insurance inorder to apply for the Liquor License here.....
So I will list the requirements I need for the Liquor License and my needs

Provides coverage for damages you are legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence. Coverage includes:

Additional persons insured
Broad Form property damage
Contractual liability
Fire damage liability
Incidental medical malpractice
Limited worldwide liability

$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$2,000,000 Products/Completed Operations
$1,000,000 Occurance Limit
$1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury
$100,000 Fire Damage Liability
$5,000 Medical Expenses
$1,000,000 Occurance Liquor Liability
$2,000,000 General Aggregate Liquor Liability

CGL Insurance carried at limits equal to or greater than Liquor Liab Limits;
The insured has a valid liquor license;
Employees/servers of alcohol not permitted to consume alcohol;
Insured has not more than 1 claims arising out of occurrences;
Insured has not more than 2 law violations arising out illegal sales;
Alcohol sales cease by 2:00 AM and establishment closes by 2:30 AM;
Insured does not offer beer at less than $1.00 &/or liquor or wine less than $1.50;
No patrons under the age of 21 after 9:00 PM.

$700,000 Liquor annual sales
$100,000 Food annual sales
$100,000 Games annual receipts "Video Poker"
$900,000 Annual receipts "alcohol more than 75%, with dance
floor, Live entertainment"

Worker Comp Coverage

Employers Liability: $100,000 Each accident
$100,000 Each employee
$500,000 Policy Limit

I also needed to value the venue and have an estimate on replacement costs for the building..Because the building is so old that is tough...I also added

$5,000 emplyee injury with a $250 deductable all other coverages are $5,000 deductable and I have Assault and battery added...

Insurance is never fun to pay!!!!

Ok next I need to drive to the State capitol over an hour away and make changes to my business License....I have the choice to do it by fax or drive there and make sure it is all done correctly with updated copies in my hands that I need for the Liquor License Dept....It was this or wait for the mail?

Yeah I dont want to take the chance of something being wrong so I do it the right way once

This takes all of about 15 minutes at the State building..Tha ladies where so nice and helpfull with a few jokes I am moving on to the next item on my check list.....

Off to Home Depot and Walmart I need to get a DVD recorder for the Video adds I am running on the front of the building...We have made a Video slide show and will have that playing on the front window this week on 3 video projectors...... ...

The bar across the street has asked one of my guys what is going on and I have told everyone to say that we are opening a BUNNY STORE!!! Yes we sell bunnies!!! LOL they look at us strange and they know we are messing with them but they love it......

I will start the buzz going this week with some placement of some information in the community......SECRETS I CANNOT SHARE WITH YOU!!! SORRY!!! I have to keep my edge! over everyone!

Next off to by 2 more cameras for the outside of the building...We have all but 1 installed now and are working on getting the last one and the system online fully on friday.....

GGGRRRRRrrrrr Thanks Giving Day>>>> POO!

This Holiday thing is killin me as I cannot get anything done until next monday with anything....

Back at the venue the crew is cleaning and preping for the construction crew to come in and lay down the flooring....Flooring should go last but in our case the floor is a nightmare and the bar dies need to go on top of the new flooring so i can add the tile and the sealing for H2O proofing....

The building is 89 years old and the floors are a roller coaster ride...other than that the venue is in good shape...

The crew has been preping everything and things are going great......

Well Here I am at the bar on Turkey day....

I am just tying up a few things and Danny is putting some of the office stuff together...

We also have our tool room set up and organized so that we don't end up with the mandatory 1 in 10 tools at the end of every job :mad:

Yesterday the crew cleaned out the cellar for the construction crew..It was full of spider webs and if we find a body I would not be suprised...

The access is in the Kitchen and it is like a pit from hell I have been down and I was the first one to go down into it so everyone would see that I didnt get eaten by the monsters :eek:
It is full of spiders and I went to buy 6 bug bombs and we set of 4 on this side of the bar 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs....It was like throwing hand grenades into the hole then running.. :D kind of fun...


We also are meking these cool lighting fixtures and here is one of the first stained samples

We have 7 of the 8 cameras up and running I had it on the net and was watching it at home now I lost the signal and need to wait until tomorrow to get online with my buddy from cisco systems to help me get it back....the problem was we changed our phone number and they reset the modem..... :(

I am flying out to denver tomorrow and I will give a full trip report on the trip for a potentail partnership for another bar in Denver.....

It will be cold as S^&$ and I hate the cold....

Black Friday....

Last night we palned to get up at 3am and hit Cost-co for the $999 50 Plasma TV's.......and Best Buy for the 32" $449 LCD TV's....

So my partner is up at 430am and off to get in the long ugly lines of Best Buy and Cost-co....I was lucky enough to sleep in to 7am then run down to meet him at Best Buy where we where going to get the 32" LCD's....He has the whole family as it is 1 per person and we have the gang :D So we are able to get 9 32" Lcd's and then we are off racing to Cost-Co as they open at 9am.......

We arrive at Cost-Co and the Line is HUGE!!! :( So we get to the back and it is like a stampede at 901am :eek: By the time we get in every 50" is claimed :( ....So we wander around for a few minutes long faced and decide the hell with it lets go...

I need to be at the airport at 1030am to hit a flight to denver until sunday for another bar oportunity there...So off we go to drop off the LCD's at my partners house and we form a chain to get them all in we now have 11 total...

We then rush off to the airport to drop me off and then the crew will hit the Best Buy next to the airport for 3 more 32"s and we are good.....

So they dump me off and I find out my plane doesnt leave until 1155am so I chill out and hit the food area for breakfast while I am on the phone with our contractor addin the finishing touches for the first order of flooring and the raised area....

I have a great deal negotiated with out contractor and he is young and hungry for a cool project like this under his belt......

I am in Boise airport at my layover working on the net and working on the project by phone......I am able to monitor the venue and I love the camera system....We are still trying to figure how to get it on the net for everyone to view.....

On Tuesday the crew needs to all go get Liquor cards y taking the class for 3 hours....I will now be certified in 4 states.....

Ok I will try not to forget to take more pictures .......

Day 8 pt 2

Ok So I am in Denver....COLD COLD But not as bad as I thought dry cold....

I have meet with Nate and BigBeat...Great guys I am learning alot about the Denver market from 2 very market savy guys....
BigBeat Below

Back in Portland Danny has got the Advertising in full swing on the outside of the venue

Our Myspace banner background

My luck I fly out of town and the Liquor board shows up to chat with us about what we are doing and if we are going to be a STRIP CLUB!!!!!! I can see how our name and logo would give that impression but we are NOT going to EVER be a strip club......

Danny I hope delt with them very professionaly and they want to set up a meeting with me in the near future.....

I have already been dealing with Mr Ellis from the Liquor Department and they must have not communicated that we are already in contact with the main office.....

So they left their business cards and I will contact them upon my return on Monday....I still have to get around to 2 of our neighbors and touch base with them regarding our little venue....

I am settled into my hotel and ready to catch up on a long day.....I will be here tomorrow then back to Dirty on Sunday by noon...

Sunday was no day of rest I am back from Denver and Running...

Monday morning we have the Flooring coming in and we need to load everything in to the venue....

It is Cold and I feel like my nuggets have shrunken into Snow Pea's.. :eek: We arrive to meet the contractor and get this project into gear....

We need to get the raised area up and going so we can get the new flooring in...This is a Safety issue as the floors that are in here are uneven in some spots and I would like to get the flooring in So I can get the infrastructure of the bars in Place for the plumbers and electrician who will pull over the counter permits......

I have a meeting tomorrow with my Architect to get the seating plan and the Floor 9am...

Today I finallized the Menu It is funny and fun we where all laughing our ass's off..... :D Dirty Menu!!!!

The Dirty crew has been working non stop just cleaning the venue from the last tenant...The kitchen is coming around finally....The Dirty crew is doing a great job......

Our Business cards are finished but we are still not 100% sold on the logo...I am looking for anyone to to create a kick (Soap In My Mouth) logo!! I have contacted a few people and am offering $200 for the winning logo......
The cards should be done on Wednesday...I need them for the Dirty VIP Crew......The full court press is on and I cannot let up....Our promotions is going great and the buzz is already gaining momentum... :)

Big Beat flew in today and we had a quick lunch...him and his buddy david are great.....Thanks for Lunch...See you guy's tonight!!!!

We got a presure washer and the Dirty Crew has been going crazy cleaning everything...I need to put a time limit on it!!! :rolleyes:

The Contractor has been moving at a great speed and he is got the raised area up an almost complete....I am very happy with his speed..

We also have the sample of the lighting fixture up and running we will have the final version hung with big chains... :)

Tomorrow My day is packed full I have meetings every half hour and this is the part I love about this life.... :D

Tomorrow's List
1-Liquor Dept rep for my area
2-Liquor cert class
4-Liquor rep
5-US food rep
6-Get ready to fly to Chicago

9am Architect.....Cal is a great guy I have a copy of the original full sized set of plans from the original architect...I was able to find these drawings and the Architect from the City Building Records office! this is a good idea and can save you thousands of dollars...if the old architect is around still you can have him make the changes to his CAD drawings....This will save time and money as the architect will already be familiar with the space and it's requirements.

Next I am taking the Liquor Awareness class...Everyone needs to have this card to serve and I need it for the Liquor was 3 hours and $40...the class was actually fun and I enjoyed it very much..our teacher Rhonda was great and very entertaining and profesional.....
At the end you take a simple test that was scantron :confused: Oh my God how old am I....Flash backs! :(

Next I am running back to the venue for meetings set up with US Foods and the Coors, Corona and Beer guys! Great meeting nice guys very willing to help me if I have any questions!

Then US Foods....I am not good with food but I already have created a working menu...We have a good base and need to expand the food with the help of US Food's or Sysco! The meeting was great and these guys have done my other bars..very helpful and we will need for them to do a tasting for us of the products that we have on the menu and anything they might want to throw at us!

Next the Floor....I am very happy with the progress of the florring as the Dirty Crew is kickin butt and taking names :D The flooring and the raised are a re moving along quickly and we are trying to get the flooring finished by Friday......

Great story...So the police call me today....Wonderful officer Clayton...She was approached by other officers claiming that they had heard of a new bar opeing up and it was going to have 1000 person capasity!!!! :rolleyes: I was like What! can't be us we can only fit 200 max is they were greased and squished... :confused: Humm Not a bad Idea.....Kidding!!! This is good it means that the buzz is huge..... :) I am happy with this.....people pay tens of thousands of dollars for advertising and we are kicking ass!!!!
I have a meeting set up on Monday to go back down and chat with Officer Clayton and The main Officer for our area.....

So The marketing is going great business cards will be here on Thursday and the Dirty Crew will be hitting the streets hard this weekend... keep the buzz going...........

Tomorrow I go to Chicago to get a POS system! It is a great deal...I will have a full report on the trip....

Back to the salt mines...

Im in Chicago....Cold.....Snow Peas again!

So I am out here to buy a POS system used....I love Aloha and it is a nice system....wait was a nice system.....I get to the airport and they pick me up...Lou is the man he is a great guy and off we go to the office to see the system....I power up all the monitors and all but one are looking good then fire up the server and "No Software Key" :(
(Soap In My Mouth) (Soap In My Mouth) (Soap In My Mouth) Shit....Ok on the phone to the manager of the place and get the passwords and then into the server but no "Key" and now i am worried so on the phone to Radiant system and Aloha service.....Ok they tell me you must have the Key or you basically have a BIG BOAT ANCHOR!!!!
So I get the number to the company who sold them the system and Bill the rep is like You will need to buy a new software key and then software for each of the terminals......he says $1300 :D Im like ok thats not bad $1300 I can live with that ........
No he says $1300 EACH!!!!! :eek: Oh (Soap In My Mouth) again.....Ok Boat anchor!....So now we wait to see if they can locate the Key and make my life a fuzzy happy place again!

"Tomorrow Pt 2 the search for the magical Key!" :confused:

Mean while the Dirty Crew is kicking butt and taking names.....

New vinyl tiles in the kitchen....this is not needed but I want it...this is much better and cleaner and much more easy to keep clean.....

And more cleaning

Chicago and the case of the Frozen snow peas! So I am looking to buy a used POS system for the venue....It is a 6 terminal Aloha for a OK deal not great...I give them a deposit 2 weeks ago then book my ticket to Chicago on SWA MOO! goes the cow! when I board SWA :p
I arive and am picked up by Lou... :D He is old school Italian I love this guy I am sure I am going to end up in the trunk gagged and bound and the cash I am carrying will end up buying a mink coat for his wife! :eek:
only Kidding he is so nice we hit it off and head to their office to look at the system...once at the office I am all about getting everything hooked up and running....Ok so it looks good I fire up all the terminals only 1 sounds like it has a Hamster running on a wheel! :( but the rest are looking good.. Now time to get the server up and running and connected to the Terminal....We finally figure out the password but the system is reading NO SOFTWARE KEY! OH CRAP!!!! this is the heart and soul of the system....So we are on the phone to Aloha and the Comany who sold the system to them for hours...Ok the Key is missing now they get on the phone to the local Italian location network "Whosssess Goottt Da Thinnngy" ;) I love these guys....
Finally we resolve that we will try again tomorrow to hunt down the missing System Software Key....

I wake up at the crack of 7am west coast time and get on the net and phone for a few hours keeping the ship running back at the Dirty Farm! Than I buzz Lou and I am back to the Office where we find out that the Cousin Brian..tha family undesireable must be the one who has the Key....But they will not know until Friday....So I am rushing to the airport to make my flight....
I get to Midway and through the huge line...into the terminal and I need desperately to get on my E-mail and send off a financial statement and Bio to the insurance lady Paula for the Liquor Liability Insurance....That I so desperately need for the Liquor License! on Friday morning...
Ok so it is 2007 almost 2008 and the Midway airport does not have free WiFi!!! :mad: What the hell where are we what is this! No free wireless :mad:....
So I hop on the plane and it is a LONGGGGGGG flight back I arrive and off to the venue until 1am then back to the condo until 2-2:30am getting all the Liquor License paperwork in place...Tired

So I get a call today THEY FOUND THE KEY!!!! YEAH :D I am the newest member of the "I love Lou fan club"


Up at the crack of dawn and out the door to the venue.....So much to do an so little time today to do it.....I have about 20 folders for the items needed for the Liquor License...

1-Liquor License App
2-Individual History for all of the members
3-Background check sheets for each member
4-Statements of funding
5-LLC questioaire
6-Business info
7-Floor Plan Sketch with seating for dining
8-Wriiten proposal for a Full Liquor License
9-Copy of the lease
10-LLC oerating agreement and Articles of organization
11-Liquor Liability Insurance
12-Menu showing lunch and dinner entree's
13-Menu showing foods available at all times other than lunch and dinner
14-Equipment list for kitchen equipment
15-Budget for project
16-Letter to let the Liquor Board know about the remodel
17-Service of liquor class
20-a copy of my book! Am I qualified? :confused:

Ok so I have meeting and more meeting crammed into this short day....

1-Coor's Team
3-US Foods
4-Liquor dept rep at the venue?
5-Construction crew (Meeting set for Monday at 9am)
6-Dirty Crew Meeting
7-Insurance Lady
9-Business Cards
10-Booth guy
12-Piss! :eek:
15-DJ's I had 2 great local DJ's stop by and they are very talented...I hope to get their Demos soon!
16-Collect money from this smuck that owes me $5,000 from a venue deposit that fell out!
17-Drop off Liquor License packed to the OLCC

As for the Dirty Crew they are kicking butt and taking names....the floor is looking good
The Kitchen looks great with the new tiles and the coolers have been moved into the kitchen area.....

Ok so I head over to the Liquor Dept to drop off our package for the Licensing and I was expecting a Temporary License but it turns out that it will be 2 weeks for the License......The nice young lady Janice was very helpful as I caught her on the way to lunch...We are only like 70 deep in line.... :( oh well we are not expecting to be open for a while anyway...But I still want to get the License moving......

I do not recommend that anyone get a Liquor or Beer License without the help of a Lawyer.....This is not wise and If I didnt have so much time and a good budget I would have hired a lawyer to file this for me! I have one on retainer now but only to advise me!
"I also want to do this on my own!"

Ok so the License is turned in and I am off and running tot he carpet place as I have a 3pm with the Liquor dept lady at the venue....
SO we go into the carpet mill and look around Nothing!! POH POOH but the nice guy
there is like listen I know a guy who has a warehouse full of carpet and he is desperate to unload it.....So he gives us directions and off we gooooo I know this is going to be tight to make my meeting but the Dirty Driving crew can do it! "Happy Gilmore"
So we find the little warehouse out in BFE and the guy has his whole family working the back he has Tile, Carpet, Linolium and all the extras you need... :D I am looking around and find exactly what I want but it is not enough.... :( So I look and look and find a great runner that I can use to make a SICK pattern and Homerun....65 yards for $235 delivered! :D

Off we go racing to the venue to meet the Liquor Dept lady at 3pm I show up and wait and wait and wait :( No lady? HUH

Ok so lets go back to why I wanted to get all my licensing in today before I meet with her! YEP you guessed it!

Ok fine I will wait for her! So I am still here working away it's almost 7pm and I will be here for a while......

We have a new version of the Video up and running a little toned down from the last one....Dirty Dirty!


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"A Comprehensive Guide to Opening, Owning and Operating Your Own Bar or Nightclub.”
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