Dress Codes-Good or Bad

January 14, 2011

Most bars have a dress code of some sorts.  Do you?


We have always had a dress code.  We don't post it though.  We train our door people on what is accepatable and what is not.  The reason that we don't post it, we use the term "dress code" to keep what I call the element out of the club.  If it's not posted, the customer can't refer to the signage to make their case.  This is one of the best ways to keep the bad people out of the club.


What do you do for a dress code?

Re: Dress Codes-Good or Bad
February 10, 2011


   I absolutly agree with you, I have always had a sliding dress code. This is time based and party based... here are a few examples below of allowing someone to slide the dress code.

Time Based

  • Summer time
  • Early Arrival
  • Adverse weather conditions 

Party Based

  • 10 girls 1 guy out of dress code
  • Costume party
  • Bar Crawl
  • A VIP or Super Regular

The Key to all of this is Training!!!!

Re: Dress Codes-Good or Bad
by: stange
May 16, 2011

 We impliment more of a "style code" you can have a guy in a t-shirt, jeans, vans and a hat who looks stylish and has a good vibe. At the same time you can have a guy wearing dress slacks and a button up shirt tucked in who looks like an East LA cholo.  It's mostly about vibe and attitude.  You have to have guys up front who just know how to spot trouble and weed it out.


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