Any information on LitedIce or any brand of LED beverage cubes

September 5, 2014

I'm a college student taking a marketing class with an assignment to cross promote a band with another product. I chose a brand of liquor and came up with a semi-original recipe and as a fun gimmick decided the drink should have a lighted ice cube in it.
However, I blindly took the claim I saw on a website that said liquid activated cubes had higher repeat orders because the light goes out when the liquid is gone, creating the incentive for the customer to get a refill. (My inadvertent implication was liquid activated had higher repeat orders than the kind of cubes that you have to turn on and off yourself- and stay on when the drink is gone)
So the grade depends on whether the professor, role playing as the bar owner in my case, can be persuaded to buy a particular brand of spirit he does not normally stock, and simultaneously ease his concerns about not being able to sell enough of it to make it worth his while.
Luckily, he said it's obvious that I put some thought into the idea, but he wants actual figures for full credit.
So, I've been searching for some kind of data that can demonstrate that the liquid activated vs manual activated cube either does or doesn't have an impact on sales, and revise my pitch accordingly. All I can find are sites that sell the various types of lighted cubes. I can't find a manufacturer website or any type of sales figures at all.
I'm out of ideas here. Short of buying my own lighted cubes and finding a bar that will let me run an uncontrolled and unreliable experiment, I don't know what else to do.

Does anybody know where I might be able to find the information I need? Or possibly have first hand experience?

Thanks in advance!

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