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Age Verification / ID scanning systems that work!

December 22, 2010

 Your Solutions are Just a Scan Away

Do you need to effectively control access to your events?
Do you need to perform age verification of your customers?
Do you require identification solutions to manage your members?

Our ID Scan Product can help you with:

  • Age Verification

   Scan IDs and verify ages of customers to protect your business from liability for regulated activities

  • Visitor Management or Point of Sale Customer Management: 
  •    Monitor who is coming in and out of your building or validate age or identity at Point of Sale
  • Event Management

   Check in attendees for your events (conferences, expos, festivals, fairs, etc.)

  • Membership Management

   Effectively enroll and track your members, their behavior patterns and their membership status

  • Staff Management

   Monitor when staff are on the premises, when they leave their stations, and the locations that they are given access to

Software starts @ $99, scanners w/ software @ $189, complete systems (including new netbook Windows computer) @ $459. 
For more info and to make purchase please visit our web site

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