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$100.00 Show Specials also extended to NCB Foum users also - Limited Time

March 19, 2011

This years Convention was one of the better conventions we have done in a long time! We ran in to numerous situations in which we were so busy that many good folks never had the opportunity to talk with us, and/or take advantage of some of the amazing Show Specials we had to offer. So we made a decision that we needed to have our Show Specials extended to everyone who came to the convention for a fair period of time. We also decided that we will make these available to people here on the Forum as we understand that situations and the economy prevented many companies/people from going.

For a complete list of the Show Specials, please Email me at [email protected] - Please put "After Show Specials" in the subject line. Also you can fax your request to 904 276-5593 or just call us at 904 276-5599 and make sure and ask for Bobby as I am the one in charge of the discounted sales (USA & Canada), discontinued Items, & marketing.

$100.00 Specials (This also includes FREE Shipping in the cont 48 states) - $100.00 TOTAL

Special #1 - 3 cases (300 pieces) Jello Injectors (1-1.5oz size) - These are the quality/re-usable Injectors that includes caps. Normal price is $50+ per case + shipping ($100 total)

Special #2 - 3 cases (300 pieces) Bomb Shot Cups (Premium ones - asst neon -5- colors) - Normal price on this high quality Bomber Cup is about $50 per 100 + shipping ($100 total)

Special #3 - Beer Pong Combo Deal - This was one of our most popular and talked about special as even the normal price of $200+ is a great deal! But this offer is also only $100.00 including shipping! Package Includes: New tournament Style, regulation size Beer Pong Table ('Bad Ass Beer Pong' Table) + 24 Beer Pong balls (40 MM Tournament size/quality) + a stack of ScoreSheets, Rules, Tips, etc. Perfect for Bars, Clubs, as well as the Home players! These tables are currently being used in 17 Tournaments accross the country, and in over 400 Bars, Clubs & Casino's in the past 13 months alone! Table alone retails for $129.95. get the whole packaged shipped for just the $100.00 even! BAR SPECIAL: Buy 3 tables for $100 each and get the 4th table FREE. Includes shipping to upper 48* (ask for details)

Special #4 - The Super Server Special - Includes a 3-piece bandelerro set (Made to hold Bullet Shots and 1.5oz Injectors) + 200 Bullet Shots + 100 Bullet Lids black + 100 Bullet Lids in another color + case of 1.5oz Injectors (100 jello Injectors w/ caps) + 100 Test Tubes (6" asst neon or clear) + a 24-hole Tube Rack + 288 Neon/disposable/plastic Shot Glasses (1.5oz with a line at 1.25oz - Eye-catching Neon Colors)

Special #5 - Designed for retail Stores like Liquor Stores - Contact us for details - Consists of 40 LED Lighted Bar Cups/Mugs/Shots for Home Use - All in colorful retail packaging

More After Show Specials available upon request! [email protected] - [email protected] - 904 276-5599 phone - 904 276-5593 fax

With Show Specials starting at under $5.00, we have stuff for everyone! Many of our Show Specials, including ALL of the above $100.00 Show Specials even include FREE SHIPPING for most customers!

Also check out our current online Specials and Discontinued Items at

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