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Answers: Lighter Side of Beer

November 8, 2011 By: Robert Plotkin


1. Pilsener; the original being Pilsner Urquell
2. Balance
3. Steam; sole domain of Anchor Brewing Company
4. Degrees Balling is commonly used in Europe to measure the amount of fermentable material present in a beer prior to fermentation; such a figure directly relates to the finished beer’s alcoholic content.
5. Lager
6. Porter; including Labatts, Anchor, Ballantines, Boulder and Timothy Taylor
7. Ale
8. Krausening is the brewing practice of adding younger beer to a lager in the process of brewing to cause a secondary fermentation.
9. Nose
10. Lambic; including Lindemans, Liefmans, Girardin, Mort Subite, and Timmermans
11. Japan
12. Bock
13. Stout; including Guinness, Beamish and Mackeson
14. Malt Liquor
15. Oktoberfest
16. Mild Ale
17. Bitter Ale
18. Trappiste Abbey Ale; including Chimay, Orval, Westmalle and St. Sixtus
19. Berliner Weisse; including Berliner Kindl Weisse and Schultheiss
20. Dortmunder; typified by Dortmunder Actien (DAB) & Dortmunder Union (DUB)
21. Munchener; including Augustinerbraü, Korschungs and Hofbraühaus
22. Kriek; including Liefmans, Timmermans and Vanderlinden
23. Bierre de Garde; including Jenlain, Lutèce and Rimaux
24. Saison; including Dupont and Saison Silly
25. Hoegaards Wit; typified by DeKluis Brewery
26. e.
27. f.
28. q.
29. p.
30. n.
31. o.
32. r.
33. u.
34. t.
35. s.
36. a.
37. b.
38. i.
39. v.
40. j.
41. w.
42. h.
43. c.
44. d.
45. y.
46. k.
47. x.
48. l.
49. m.
50. g.

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