NCB Forum Member Guidelines

The purpose of the NCB Forum is to facilitate the open exchange of ideas, information, advice and insights on starting and operating a bar or nightclub. Our guiding principles are:

1. Free speech that is free of self-promotion (of an individual or business’ services and/or products).
2. Members must be willing to freely mentor and provide advice and insights with the intention of growing other members’ businesses and the industry overall. All advice shared must involve sound, legal business practices.
3. Members must be respectful of other members. Abusive or obscene language is prohibited.

All members of the NCB Forum are bound by the following:

• All posts are reviewed and approved by the NCB Forum administrators*
• Members who post comments that are self-promoting (advertising their own services/products or those of their company or employer) anywhere other than the Products & Services forum will be banned.
• NCB Forum retains the right to ban any member who uses obscene, or abusive language, or posts threatening or vulgar comments.
• NCB Forum retains the right to edit, remove, move or close any forum topic at any time.

The only paid advertisements permitted to appear on NCB Forum are those already appearing on Members may post information promoting a particular business or service only in the Products & Services forum.

*As the NCB Forum grows, Nightclub & Bar will make it possible for members who have proven to be upstanding participants to post directly.

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