Nautilus Wizz Systems


Advanced ID Scanning solutions by

● Scans Driver License and Government IDs
● Machine-readable, reliable data processing
● Mobile and stationary systems
● Installs on Windows based POS and other systems
● API/SDK for developers - Windows and Apple OS
● Web services for unlimited potential
● 9 years of proven reliability
● The only ID scanning solution on iTunes

Our ID Scan Product can help you with:

Age Verification
Scan IDs and verify ages of customers to protect your business from liability for regulated activities

Visitor Management or Point of Sale Customer Management
Monitor who is coming in and out of your building or validate age or identity at Point of Sale

Event Management
Check in attendees for your events (conferences, expos, festivals, fairs, etc.)

Membership Management
Effectively enroll and track your members, their behavior patterns and their membership status

Access Control Management
Monitor access to your premises, take and store pictures of every visitor

We’re Your One-Stop Shop for Identification Solutions.

We’ll work with you on complete ID Solutions (hardware, software and implementation) that will meet your needs, or work with you on an ad-hoc basis should you wish to leverage our knowledge in the field or our software’s powerful data and report capabilities.

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