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October 4, 2011

Innovative Barware

What's Shakin'
Best Bloodys, Good Honeys and the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Awards 
ABSOLUT looks for a great Bloody Mary, Barenjager sends a bartender to Munich and Speed Rack is back raising funds for breast cancer charities. Also, the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Awards competition launches in many bar categories...
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          Red Gold (Sacramento)
Asked and Answered
Mr. Harris Goes to Sacramento 
How many bartenders does it take to change an outdated law in California? Two San Francisco-based bartenders started a campaign asking Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill that lifted a nearly century-old ban on serving infused cocktails in California.
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Drink Menu Trends
Mescal Makes its Mark 
New mescals, wider distribution and the emergence of the other agaves — tobala, espadin, sotol — means bartenders have another category to master. Why it matters...
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Blog Spotlight
Hot, Cold and In Between 
Americans prefer their drinks cold, but the arrival of hot punches is a sign that just because old-style hot drinks aren’t en vogue doesn’t mean there aren’t customers looking for temperature variety in their beverages.
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Sazerac Introduces R&R Reserve to Fast-Growing Rich and Rare Lineup  
Sazerac has introduced its new R&R Reserve product in select U.S. markets, which strives to give consumers a more flavorful whisky experience.
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Full Sail Brewing Company Releases Session Fest for the Holidays 
Full Sail Brewing is excited to announce a new addition to the Session family of beers – Session Fest.
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Medinet Wine is the Star of the South 
Southern France is the home of Medinet wine, the uncomplicated French wine in the unique one-liter carafe.
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