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May 31, 2011


What's Shakin'
Domaine de Canton Names Finalists and San Francisco Cocktail Week Sets a Date 
Domaine de Canton sends 16 finalists to St. Martin, while "Experience Cognac" winner gets to go to France and a Chicago bartender receives $5,000.
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Asked and Answered
Mark Grossich, The Man Behind the New York Curtain 
Mark Grossich heads up Hospitality Holdings, known for such high-flying New York City venues as The Campbell Apartment and the Empire Room. Now the company has reopened an outside lounge at one of the crossroads of the country — how do they do it?
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Drink Menu Trends
Butter Beer, Orange Soda and Bitters, Plus Vodka's Return 
Ingredient-driven drinks on seasonal cocktail menus find allies in butter, ice, summer quenchers and, of all things, vodka.
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Cocktail Life
Where's My Beer? 
It's getting warm in the East, but beer cocktails continue to be an oddity rather than a popular option. There's plenty of blame to go around as bartenders and beer companies both are lacking in enthusiasm, it seems.
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