February 22, 2011


What's Shakin'
NCB Show Mixology Seminars, Women's Day Celebrations and New Spirits 
by Jack Robertiello
Many mixology sessions worth checking out at the NCB Show in Las Vegas right around the corner. Plus, LUPEC does NYC, and mezcals, piscos and other new spirits...

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Asked and Answered
Tea Time at the Bar 
by Jack Robertiello
Many bartenders have played with black, green and scented teas as an ingredient, often to mixed success. Tea sommelier Cynthia Gold comes at tea and spirits from the other side, and shares some tips...

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Cocktail Life
Southern Fried Drinking 
by Jack Robertiello
Do we really still drink regionally? Certain habits die hard, but as bartenders work hard at being both seasonal and local, there are some ingredient trends worth noting. Take the Southeast...

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USBG Courses and Exams at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show 
by Jack Robertiello
While attending the NCB Show this year, make sure you sign up for and check out what courses and exams are going on this year.

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Parting Shot
Someone's Got to Pay... 
by Jack Robertiello
The short story of one man, a hostage credit card and why understaffed bars lose money being cheap about staffing...

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