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Meet the Staff

Jon Taffer


Leo J. Squatrito




VP, Sale and Marketing


Jon Taffer


Leo J. Squatrito
Ph: (617) 219-8378
Fx: (508) 519-7773


Michelle Osborne


Greg Goulski


Marketing Director


Director of Sales, Digital Media


Michelle Osborne
Ph: (617) 219-8305


Greg Goulski
Ph: (617) 219-8370


Kristen Santoro

  Michael Sullivan

Content & Conference Director


Director of Industry Relations


Kristen Santoro
Ph: (617) 219-8327


Michael Sullivan 
Ph: (702) 826-3993

  Erica Mercke   Mary-Kate Dunphy

Marketing Manager


Content & Conference Coordinator


Erica Mercke
Ph: (617) 219-8394

  Mary-Kate Dunphy
Ph: (617) 219-8395

                                     Contributing Writers

Steve Lewis
Alissa Ponchione Robert Plotkin Jack Robertiello Steve Lewis
Lew Bryson

David Commer

Kelly Magyarics

Tim Kirkland

Donna Hood Crecca William Fanning
David Pennachetti

Donna Hood Crecca

William Fanning

Dave Dronkers

Emily Hanna Mayock
Emily Hanna Mayock Rachel Karlin Jamie Schroeder Brian Speed
Angela Bonnici Brian Warrener Ron Cates
Angela Bonnici George Barton Brian Warrener Ron Cates
Amanda Baltazar Marcos Colon Photo Coming Soon  
Amanda Baltazar 

Marcos Colón

David Klemt  

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